Industry- and Sewer Pipe Cleaning with The Roto Fan System

VELTRUP PROZESSTECHNIK PIPE CLEANING provides a high pressure water technology cleaning system called, The VELTRUP ROTO-FAN SYSTEM which cleans 10 to 20 times faster than conventional high pressure water cleaning methods.


A high-pressure water-technology for the removal of total blockages, restrictions, scale or layers and spotless cleaning of pipes, tubes, tanks, vessels, surfaces in
industry and municipality.

Not only does VELTRUP ROTO-FAN provide turnkey solutions for those seemingly “unsolvable” industrial service applications – we can solve the problem in less time, safely and in an environmentally conscious manner.


is built-in. The incrustation inside the pipe is shredded into small particles and during the cleaning procedure the particles are continuously collected by a special attachment at the pipe entrance for clean and safe disposal or recycling. In addition it is possible to separate the particles from the water in a special separating unit.

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