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The Roto-Fan System

The Veltrup Roto Fan System

The High Pressure Water Tool for the cleaning of pipes, removal of total blockages, descaling of Mill-Scale, Corrosion, Rubber-Layers etc as well as 100% cleaning of the inner surfaces of pipes, tubes, ducts etc., Vessels and Surfaces in Industry and Municipality.

The Roto-Fan-System is a pipe-cleaning-system that is operated with up to 1,200 bars. Working Pressure, Rotation-Speed, Forward-Feed-Rate, and Working Pressure can be remotely controlled independently.

Cleaning Speed

By means of the rotation of the High Pressure Hose combined with the synchronized feed rate and a jet-optimized nozzle the cleaning-speed against the conventional techniques is increased up to a factor of 20

Negotiating  of Bends

The System is extremely flexible in negotiating bends. Up to 20 pieces of  90° elbows have been cleaned in one single shot. Under certain circumstances the System can clean 600 m of pipeline in one shot.

Scope of Applications

The System is operated with flexible special hoses. The Pipe dimensions for the System range between 10 and 5000 mm in diameter.

Space required

The space required  at the enterance of the pipe to be cleaned is around 2 feet. The rotating hose (20m per shot) are positioned on the ground. The system will then lead the hose into the pipe to be cleaned. If you want to continue further into the pipeline you simply apply the next 20m length to the first one and continue cleaning (up to a maximum of 600m)

When cleaning Heat Exchangers the cleaning hose is guided through a SS protection hose and is positioned within seconds in front of the tube to be cleaned. The x-y mechanism for the easy positioning comes with the System.


Operator’s safety is extremely high. The operators operate the System from a safe distance. They need not to touch any High Pressure Water part during the cleaning operation! All parameters are handles remotely controlled.

Power of High-Pressure-Pump

The power of the pump depends on the kind of job that is to be done. The System can easily handle any pump power from 110 kW up to 400 kW with 2 operators.


The System can easily remove scale or total blockages of: tough (Latex), brittle (Calcide), sticky (Latex, Pitch) or hard like rock (Coke and Bauxite).

Pipe Wall Quality

The skin of the inner pipes will not become hurt or damaged. It is even possible to clean sensitive plastic or graphite pipes with 1000 bars without hurting the inner surfaces- even when working with very hig pressures like 12,000 PSI or 1,000 bars.

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