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  • The system removes tough, hard or brittle encrustations (e.g. bitumen, latex, bauxite, coke). with high cleaning speeds
  • Even in totally blocked pipes extremely high cleaning rates are achieved.
  • Roto-Fan treated pipes are spotless clean thus avoiding growth of new encrustation for a long time.
  • The system can clean up to 600 meters of pipes on one shot (depending on hardness and volume of incrustations).
  • The system can pass more than 50 elbows of 90°.
  • The cleaning quality is independent of the pipe’s material, diameter of pipe, material (e.g. PVC, HDPE, SS, cast iron, stoneware, concrete) of the pipe to be cleaned or the hardness an thickness of the      encrustations.  
  • All cleaning parameters such as: rotating speed, forward speed, pressure etc., can be controlled remotely.
  • During the cleaning procedure the grain seize of the debris of the removed incrustations can be controlled and individually adjusted in order to avoid blockages created by big lumps.
  • The productivity of the personnel and the yield per day is enormously enlarged against conventional cleaning procedures since there is no hard manual work involved.
  • Continuous work in low or high temperature environment is no problem.
  • The space required for entering the pipe to be cleaned is fantastically small. Most jobs can be performed insitu without dissembling the pipes.
  • If necessary, the system is able to follow pipe junctions according to the requirement of the installed pipe system.
  • Pipes on pipe bridges can be cleaned from the ground and insitu. They do not need to get dismantled.